Monthly Archives: December 2011

Travelling For The Holidays

This year we are going  to Florida.  Over the past few years we have moved to driving to and from Florida because of the cost of airline flights.  Last year was the first time we tried out the Amtrak Auto Train.  We had to travel to Lorton, VA to get on the train that took us to Sanford, Fl.  This year we are driving down, and training back.

We have found that taking our car when going to Disney is more cost effective because the cost of car rentals just brings the expense of traveling way up.  Flying is the ultimate way, but the airlines seem to want to make a fortune off of everyone.

How do you travel?  What tips do you have?

People Are So Shrewd

I have been a long time computer tech, tv tech, tv installer, and more.  Over the past few years I have noticed more, and more that customers are out for themselves, and will mow the technician over no matter what.  When I get to a customers home I am not required to move their existing tvs, and such.  For the most part my customers are very nice, and wouldn’t take advantage of me.  They know that I am reasonable for my work, and I take pride in doing my job well.

I just recently received an escallation about a job I did.  The escallation was that a tv I installed was not usable.  When I left the customer signed off, and I demonstrated that everything worked to the best of my capability.  The customer even gave me a tip.  I moved her old tv to the garage, and even drove out to a store to get her cables because she didn’t have the right ones at the time of installation.

I am glad that I am not like a doctor.  I don’t need to worry about things like protecting myself from lawsuits .  I am thankful for this because the way people always want to get one over on someone would make it so that my insurance company would be calling me every few days.

My Wife Tries Too Hard

Anyone that knows my wife knows that she tries to hard to fix everyones lives.  She is constantly giving advice, and trying to counsel people that she knows.  If she had any sort of training I would tell her to look into Psychiatric Aide jobs.  Then again on the other hand we know someone that tried for something similar and it doesn’t seem to have panned out to us.

I don’t try to help anyone that I can’t give factual information to.  I also don’t try to help anyone that doesn’t want the help, or anyone that wastes my time by doing what they want in the end.

Do you have anyone in your family that is like my wife?