Monthly Archives: November 2011

Not All Money Is Worth Its Weight

My Uncle L was talking to me about value of things a few weeks back.  We were discussing where we would be now if we had made an investment in gold a few months back.  We then got to talking about some coins that are being offered for sale, like the Morgan dollars.  For the most part I don’t want something that isn’t going to be worth more than when I bought it.

Right now gold is at a point where people that bought in back some time ago are pretty much set contingent on them watching it for when it ever drops.  I wish I had the money that it would have taken to buy in, but money has been tight.

Any get rich quick ideas that work going on that you can tell me about?

Shows That You Just Can’t Stand To See Cancelled

I watch TV quite a bit with my wife.  Over the years we have noticed more and more how a show just doesn’t make it more than 1 or 2 seasons if they are lucky.  Some of the ones that we liked a lot make it even longer, but end up being killed off by the producers.

The TV show LOST was a show that kept us hanging continuously each week.  The very ending was far from what we thought.  I personally didn’t like the ending, but after that many seasons they had to put it to bed.

Another show that we loved was Vegas.  They did a good job with the show in keeping it fresh.  I never did find out why they cancelled that one.

The other one that I thought would have made it far was the Playboy Club.  This show should have been a homerun in my opinion because it had crime, and women in sexy bunny costumes.

My wife was upset with how Heroes was ended.  I never watched it, so I can’t put my two cents in.

What is your take on how TV has become?

I Am Enjoying Cooking At Times

My neighbor Bob has enabled me to want to cook.  I have always been willing to cook, but I have just never wanted to take the time to actually do it.  He is a hunter, and he brings me “Fresh Meat” from his hunting trips.  I have learned over the past few times different things that I can do to make a meal just a bit more interesting.

The past few times cooking I have been experimenting with using fruits, and berries as just a little bit of flavoring.  The next time I cook I am going to be putting a final test to my own personal recipe for Venison.  I have gotten to be almost perfect on how juicy, and tender I can cook the Venison already.  Now I want to come up with the ultimate flavoring.

I know I can get a lot of the ingredients that I use locally, but during certain times of the year I may have to go through to get the berries that I want because they aren’t available locally.

Have you ever tried to cook Venison?  How did it come out?