Monthly Archives: October 2011

Beautiful Weather To Work In

The other day we were all privelidged enough to get our first “Snow”.  Well, in my area we got a lot of rain all day, and finally at night the hail came.  Our cars got a light dusting, and that is about it.

That was told to you so you could understand this…

I started doing a job at my neighbors home.  Because of her work schedule I could only start installing her DirecTV dish.  She had an antenna, and then she had cable.  The costs of cable got out of hand.  Antennas require some maintenance if they aren’t installed correct.  Last thing I said to her before she left for work was that I was concerned that we would get some bad weather on the following day.  The next morning it was ugly.

I can assemble DirecTV dishes rather quickly.  Installing them isn’t that long of a process either.  Trying to pin a DirecTV antenna isn’t the easiest thing to do in the middle of hail, rain, and snow.  I finally got the dish perfect.  I had to go and change because I didn’t want to get her house all watered up.  This was all to help my neighbor save some money.

I wish there was a way to schedule in weather based on the type of work.

Too Many Different Shopping Days To Remember

When I was a child I don’t remember hearing of half of these “Shopping Days” that have been coming up.  I know that Black Friday has been around forever.  The other ones seem to be appearing continuously.  There is the online version of Black Friday… Pink Friday.  I just read about another that I have never heard of that is Green Monday.

Why can’t retailers just leave everything alone and run the specials without all these wacky names?

No Way Sprint. Keep Your IPhone.

Now that Sprint has released the IPhone we have toying with the idea of allowing our daughter to change out her phone for one.  What I didn’t know was a lot of information that my mother gave me the other day.  From my understanding the IPhone requires a special protection plan, and on top of that when something goes wrong with one then you need to take it back to a Apple store.

This has caused me to rethink the entire situation.  I have enough nightmares with the Sprint store in Brick, NJ.  I don’t feel that I should be getting a phone from Sprint, and having to take it to another retailer for servicing when necessary.

This is direct from the Sprint site…

$99 for 2 years Applecare.

-Includes 2 accidental repairs & $49 service fee on top of each of those 2.

The original situation came because my daughter wanted a IPod Touch 16gb.  This was only because her friends have IPod Touch units.  She has an Android phone.  It does everything that an IPod does.  I just don’t understand the mind of my child.