Monthly Archives: July 2011

My Kid Is Very Strange

My daughter likes to collect shells, and other dead sea products that she finds.  When we go to the beach, like when we went on our cruise, she won’t go into the water because she doesn’t like the fish.  She seems to think that they are going to nibble on her, or eat her.  I have tried explaining that they will not do anything to her.  They are just like her goldfish at home.

She refuses to listen to us, and when we go to the Bahamas she sits there chasing the fish away.


Trying Something New

I have always been a PS3 person.  Recently our nephew brought us a XBox home and asked me to sell it.  I knew enough about gaming systems to know that this unit wouldn’t be good for me unless it had a XBox wireless adapter because I don’t want to run anymore Cat5 cables.

I checked through everything that he had brought me and found that there was no wireless adapter.  I am now trying out the XBox to see how I like the experience.  I will let you know more once I have tried out a few games.

Great Gifts I Receive

My wife always tells me that I’m a hard person to buy gifts for.  Our little one made some suggestions to her.  Well maybe she can keep taking some tips from my little one.  This past fathers day she got me a few reward cards for all kind of stuff.  With my birthday and Christmas coming up I wouldn’t mind a few more.  I think it was a great idea that my little one had.  With all the diffrent gift cards they have out they make great gifts for anyone, and any occasion.  You can find them in most stores anywhere making them easy to get.