Monthly Archives: March 2011

Reviewing Policies We Have Established

We are bloggers that respect what we do, and what companies allow us to do.  Well, I have read stories about bloggers that do things just to get something for nothing.  When we started blogging we knew that for the first 6+ months that we wouldn’t make anything because we were too new, and needed to form our readership.  Now that we are established we get a lot of offers that we just honestly turn down.  We do have a few people that we are related to that will help us out with reviewing things when we are given the opportunity.  In general if it wasn’t for those people we wouldn’t review a lot of things we are offered.

I do a lot of the PR contacting, and as such I reply to the requests.  My wife has had some requests that just wouldn’t do her any good, and I don’t just review anything unless it is something I am somewhat interested in.  The most recent thing was she was able to review some fitness supplements.  We asked my brother in law that is into sports if he would do a Force Factor review, but he didn’t want to try out just anything that he has never dealt with.

If you are a blogger have you ever reviewed anything just to review it?  Do you think that doing this is wrong?

Economy Is Showing Its Issues

When you drive down a main highway you don’t expect to see the same type of business within a rocks throw of another.  Well I was out doing some service calls the other day, and I was on a stretch of road that must have had 5 stores with signs saying “We buy gold coins, and more.”  With the economy as bad as it is I can only guess that this means that people are so desperate to get money that they will sell things that they can’t replace.  I don’t have anything like that so I can’t be tempted.  I am sure that these businesses are a little more honest than a few of those internet based gold buying places.  Buy “REAL LOW” and sell it off “REAL HIGH.”

How many “Gold” places are around you?  Have you noticed an increase in the amounts of those types of businesses?

Cheap TV Display For Miscellanous Use

I have been trying to find a cheap display that I can take with me as needed for my Playstation 3, and whatever else.  Well today I found a very cheap solution.  If you have a newer lcd monitor with DVI connectors that isn’t being used then just get yourself dvi to hdmi cables.  You may not get the highest resolution, but it will serve the purpose.

If you have any other money saving solutions please feel free to let me know, or comment here.