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Getting Organized

Getting organized is sometimes a job in its own.  In our house we need to get organized enough to get organized.  I bring you just a few tips courtesy of The Joyful Organizer thanks to Bonnie Joy Dewkett.  To get the whole thing click the following link. download: HomeOrganizationGuide.pdf (119.88KB)
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description: A Home Organization Guide by the Joyful Organizer courtesy of Bonnie Joy Dewkett.

For more tips please visit TheJoyfulOrganizer site.

Android Is Leading The Industry

I was just doing a little research on a different aspect of another posting I previously did.  That was on Android vs. Blackberry.  Well, this time I did some digging into Android vs. IPhone.  Who do you think is leading the way?  Well, if you are a Apple person, and think it was the IPhone… YOU ARE WRONG.  At the end of 2010 Android had a pretty nice lead on the IPhone market.

So what you say.

Well, what you need to keep in mind is this… Verizon has already finished working on their data plans that will cost additional for the IPhones.  There are a lot of things you can’t do with a IPhone that you can do with an Android.  Most of the things on Android are free.  IPhones are still stuck to very limited service providers.

So tell me this… If you have a IPhone have you ever tried out an Android?  What did you feel about the Android in comparison?

Can Anyone Explain The Purpose?

I am not a big gun person, but I do play quite a few FPS gun games.  In most of them the guns have multiple accessories.  One of the biggest accessories that I have seen on the guns in the games that I play is a holographic sight kind of similar looking to the eotech magnifier pictured below.  As a matter of fact in Call of Duty Black Ops you can even customize the colors, and shapes in the holographic sight.  What I don’t understand is the need for “holographic” images instead of the real thing.  When you are shooting you aren’t shooting holograms, so what is the purpose?

Keep in mind that I am a total rookie when it comes to guns, so please don’t think that I am asking a stupid question.  I am only asking because I honestly don’t understand.