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Black Friday Is Over

Now that Black Friday is over I don’t have to hear about this years shopping extravaganza anymore.  I was stupid enough to go to one store on Black Friday to make a purchase for someone, and I think that that will be the last time I am in those lines.  I would rather have my wife searching through coupons, discounts, or other online deals rather than subject myself to the madness that the holidays bring.

I worked Black Friday once in my life, and most of the people at that store were shocked to see me there that morning.  We were only back @50 people, but it seemed like we were 100 back.  Time didn’t move either.  I got there at @10:30pm, and by 11:30pm I was ready to leave.  All went well.  I got in, picked out the stuff, and left.  I didn’t see anyone camping out at the Jersey Shore Premium Outlets, but maybe that’s because you just can’t camp out there.

Now that Black Friday is over I get massive amounts of specials that stores are offering.  Go figure.

Wife Went Shopping On Black Friday

I remember my wife telling me the other day that she wasn’t going to be going out today.  Well, wife is now off to go shopping on the night that I would never ever be caught shopping on.  Why is that?  Well, if I wanted to stand in a line at a store for many hours in order to be one of the first in, or get to a store right before opening and have to stand on a line very long then I would need my head examined.  With the worlds economic standing I don’t believe that there are going to be many deals that are worth that kind of aggravation.  On top of the lines there are rude people that you have to deal with.

She just called me and told me that she was a considerable distance from the store she was going to, and it is raining on and off.  I don’t know what to tell her other than she is only saving a few dollars.  Buy it at regular price.  If you haven’t noticed the retailers don’t have anything special going on.

When I worked in Tinton Falls I saw how people get, and saw what my wife went through in the past when she went out on that night.  I told her earlier in the week not to worry about gifts for me, and to just worry about the little one.  I am not someone that MUST have something.  If she must get me something, then a few pairs of pants, and maybe a few men’s polo shirts will do because I use both for work.

I love you Deb, and I feel for you in wanting to go out and try to get a good deal, but you never listen to me when I say that it is all a scam.  Stores have a certain quantity of items available at sale price, and then the price goes back up.

Have fun.

Black Friday 2 Cents

Shopping Terms:

  • Black Friday is the beginning of the holiday shopping season.  One of the busiest, and most unbearable days.
  • Pink Friday is the same day as Black Friday except participating retailers donate portions of their proceeds to charitable causes.
  • Cyber Monday is the Monday immediatelly after Black Friday when retailers offer savings.

Last year I wasn’t home for Black Friday because I was working sales at Sony in Tinton Falls.  This year I am home, and shocked to hear from my wife that more than likely she wouldn’t be going out for any major shopping that day.  The crowds, limited availability, and other factors have done this to who I refer to as the Bargain Shopping Queen.  I don’t blame her because for the most part the hardest part of that day is standing in lines freezing while waiting to get in to get what you want.  If that has no problems then you need to make sure you go right to where you want to be in the store because when a store says “Limited Quantities” they usually mean it.  I have heard stories about stores only having a few of an item at a price, and then the price is back to normal shortly after.  I think if a store is going to have a Black Friday sale that they should be required to keep the merchandise that price for a certain amount of time… not quantity.  Stop teasing, and start pleasing.  These are just my 2 cents.