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Surpass: Hosting Company To Watch Out For

I have been blogging @ 2 years.  When I first started out I was self hosting my blogs from my own servers.  I decided that it may be easier to go to a hosting company for what I had understood pricing was at.  I took my sisters advice, and moved everything over to Surpass Hosting.

Throughout the first half of the year I had intermittent issues with my sites lagging drastically.  I also had a problem where Surpass did some server maintenance, and my sites were completely down, and they didn’t even have the common decency to advise the users that they were going to do this work.  I routinely went into a chat with them to address the problems.  I had been told many times that a user (NOT ME) was abusing the system, and they would resolve it immediatelly.  They also offered to move me to another server, and I quickly told them I would move.  They claim they never got the email, and my sites never got moved.  The last instance I had with Surpass which made me move my sites was last week.  I went into a chat, and was advised that another user on the same server was abusing the MySql connections, and they were taking care of it.  My sites stayed down for the next 24 hours.  I was on chats with them every couple of hours, and they claimed that everything should have been working, but they would work on it.  After a whole day I had another chat, and was advised that “Due to spam comments” they were suspending my account.  I told them I would put captcha code in if they opened my site up.  They never opened it up, so my sites stayed dark.  The next day I was put in contact with the main company that works with Surpass.  (Hostdime)  I was assured that they would look into the issue, and that they didn’t understand the issue either.  Here is the funny part… I received a ticket from them about the abuse, and the dates in the abuse were well over 3 months earlier.  I didn’t get any satisfaction from Hostdime either, but being they weren’t directly involved I can’t hold them accountable.  I will do what I can to help those on Surpass understand what kind of a shab job they are dealing with.  Here’s the last kicker… even thought they cut my service early they aren’t even offering any money back for “Lack of service” which is considered Theft of Services.

If you want to know how bad they are do a Google search about Surpass Hosting reviews.  You will see that everything I said is consistent with everyone else that had complaints.  If they say anything different… They are LIARS!

Plain and simple… If you are on Surpass Hosting… RUN!  They don’t have any phone support, and even the host I went to now has phone support, and I am paying almost the same amount of money.  In my opinion Surpass Hosting is the worst hosting company that you could choose if you are running a website of any type.

Check out  They will work with you to get everything running, and they will treat you like a real person.

Leave Nothing Open

When we park our camper for the winter we usually leave one or two of the windows cracked a small bit so that heat doesn’t build up, and also so that our camper can breath a bit.  Last year we found bees had made a nest behind the refrigerator.  That was promptly removed.  This year when we went to open the camper my wife alerted previous to entering the camper that she had seen either bees or wasps flying around the bathroom vent.  I told her that they can’t get into the camper from that vent because of the screens.  What did she do next?  Well, what she did was she took bug spray, and went into the camper.  She started spraying the insects from inside the bathroom.  She only forgot one thing.  She left the door on the camper open so basically the aggravated insects could come in after her, and she wouldn’t be able to do anything because she would have been cornered.  I stopped her immediatelly, and told her that I would take care of the problem.

Things Your Significant Other Purchases

My wife has always been a big Garage Sale / Yard Sale shopper.  She has made my little one into such a pain when it comes to seeing signs for either one.  Well, my wife called me one day and asked me about purchasing a Playstation 1 for $5.  I told her not to waste the $5 because the system is worthless, and probably doesn’t even work.  After a little bit of time she called me knowing that I can sometimes use things and asked me if I needed a cart for my office.  I thought about it because in my office having a movable piece of furniture for the computers would be great.  She sent me a picture mail on the cell phone and there was a picture of medical carts that she had found.  I don’t know how someone would end up with one of these at their homes, but I definitelly didn’t want anything like that around.  Not only big, but not very compatible to my needs.