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Sprint Samsung Galaxy S Epic Review

We were recently given the opportunity to test out the newest member of the Sprint phones, the Samsung Epic 4G.  I have been using a HTC Hero for the last 8 months, and this has been a real treat.

What’s in the box…

  1. Samsung Epic 4G
  2. Lithium Ion Battery
  3. AC Phone Charger
  4. USB Cable
  5. Headset
  6. MicroSD Card (2GB)
  7. MicroSD Adapter
  8. Manuals

I originally wanted a phone that was touchscreen, and small.  After trying out the Epic for the last 2 weeks I find that it is better to wait for better things when shopping.  This phone has a 4″ AMOLED screen.  One thing that I found amazing was the fact that the phone has “Live Wallpapers.”  These wallpapers interact with the user.  This phone also has a sliding door that covers the charging connector.  This is nice because I hate those rubber connectors that you need to move whenever you are charging.  They seem to get in the way considerable amounts of time.

Currently the Epic only has Android 2.1 installed, but it is well known that this phone will get Android 2.2, and will also be able to get Flash 10.  The Epic features a full QWERTY keyboard that slides out.  The phone also supports TTY devices.  The phone has standard Bluetooth, and WiFi capabilities.  **This is the second phone from Sprint to have a WiFi “Hotspot” built into the phone.  This is also the second 4G phone from Sprint.  The touchscreen isn’t as touchy as other phones that I have tried.  The integration with Google has made life easier, and I can only imagine that it will continue to get easier.  Google is a part of the phone whereas your contacts are stored in a Google contacts listing, and the phone retrieves them as necessary.

The front facing camera makes it possible to have video conferencing.  For those that like to see their phone pictures, and such on a tv there is a capability of streaming your items from your phone to items like the Sony PS3.  I use a Exchange Server for my email.  On other phones the Exchange capabilities are very weak.  The Epic stunned me with the capabilities of using of an Exchange Server.  Packed into the system settings is an option to configure a VPN connection.  This is handy for corporate users.  Another great feature that this phone has is the six-axis controls.  This makes playing games on the go even more fun.  One feature that is not working yet is the Samsung Media Hub.  This is going to be the first on-demand movie, and TV store that works over 3G, and 4G networks as well as WiFi.  One of the last big features that this phone has is the “Swype” keyboarding.  This makes it so that you basically drag your fingers from key to key without lifting your finger.

**An additional $29.99 per month charge for this feature.

The phone retails for $349.99 before any discounts.

I give the Samsung Epic 4G a 10 out of 10.

For more information click HERE to go to the official site for the Sprint Epic 4G.

Keep watching our site, as we may be running a contest to win one of these spectacular phones.

We were given a Epic 4G to review.  Receiving this phone did not have any reaction to our review.  As always this review is our honest opinion.

Music While You Work

I have been using a Sprint Hero for the last 8 months.  That phone was ok, but I am always looking for better phones.  Recently I was given the opportunity to try out the NEW Sprint Samsung Epic 4g phone.  More on that review later this weekend.

Over the past 2 years I have purchased many different things for my phone.  I have purchased things from bluetooth speakers to cases.  Several of the cases were truly garbage because they fell apart after a few months.  The one thing that I have been looking for to finish my collection is headphones.  I am looking to get a decent set of them so that when I am on a job, and want to listen to my mp3’s.  Most of the ones that I have tried are quite weak, and thus are worthless.  I wish they had some sort of wireless earbuds.  The wire going from the phone to my ear would be a little out of place.

I will have to keep searching headphone reviews in the hope that I find just 1 good set of headphones.

Laptops Are Very Fussy

We have numerous laptops in our house.  I have one for business, one for recreation, and the wife has one.  Usually we only have small glitches, and I fix them promptly.  Well, the other day one started acting up, and the display now works intermitent.  If it wasn’t for the laptop insurance that we purchased I would have had a fit.  We called in, and told them what was going on.  They are sending a box, and then we ship it to them.  If they can’t fix it, or the cost to fix it is more than it is worth, then they will cash me out.

Have you ever wished you had some sort of coverage on a laptop, but didn’t actually have it?  I find that it is fully worth the money spent, so don’t be cheap.