Monthly Archives: June 2010

Friends Come From All Over

A few years ago we noticed that children rarely came around to play with our daughter most of the time.  This was because they all seemed to have other things to do, or couldn’t come over to play.  When we had our swimming pool put in we saw a big turn around in that.  Now children that hardly ever come around when the pool is closed come around now that the pool is open.  We don’t mind the kids coming over to swim.  We sometimes would like a parent to come over with their kids so that we aren’t the only ones watching them.  We don’t like to discipline other peoples kids, and that’s another reason.  When the kids come over we always sit outside on the patio chairs by the pool so that we are sure that nothing happens to anyone. 

Has anyone else ever noticed this?  Do you mind that this happens?

Huge Game Contest

I just wanted to let everyone know to check out the large video game contest going on at GameBlogs4U.  The contest runs till 7/18/10.  Open to US residents.

Moving TVs Around Our House

I just got done doing some tv movement in my house.  When my wife came home she was puzzled, and questioned me as if she was the German SAS.  Well, what I did was I moved my bedroom Panasonic 42″ down to the basement for storage temporarily until we redo my daughters room.  In its place I put a Sony 46″ tv.  I left my 42″ Samsung HDTV in the basement.  The basement tv is for the family when they want to watch a bluray, or play on the PS3, or Wii.  My living room tv is for watching tv, or playing on my PS3.  The bedroom tv is for watching tv, or viewing my computer.

I like my big screens, and there is no possible way that I am changing.  She has just recently started to understand the difference between low definition, and hi definition television.  Being we are on DirecTV I know that we are still receiving the most superior tv signal that is available.

Have you ever made a technology decision without consulting your wife, or hubby?  What was the outcome?