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Monday Moments 1


Monday Moments

During the Monday Moments anyone that comments on the photo will be entered into our contest to win a prize package of Starbucks Frappuccino, and some other gifts.


They’ve recently introduced a brand new flavor to their lineup – Vanilla Frappuccino Light. This rich beverage contains 50% fewer calories and 60% less sugar than their classic Vanilla flavor, making it that much easier to justify the indulgence!

As a participant in the Monday Moments I will be receiving some Frappuccino, and a tote thanks to YouCast.  YouCast is also supplying a prize for the winners of the contest.

Medicine Is Advancing Too Fast

I remember the days when finding the right medicine for a medical issue was like finding a needle in a haystack.  I have seen how much fun my wife has when she needs medicine.  She has to run around like a nut when she has to find one of those hard to find things.  There are so many different types of medicine for eachtype of sickness, or issue.

In my younger days they didn’t have a lot of different cures / creams for acne.  Now they have pills, and even a tretinoin cream for acne.  I am sure that some medicine maker has 4-5 different medicines for almost any other type of sickness.

While we are on sicknesses… When did the term “BiPolar” come about?  I personally think that the doctors are working with pharmaceuticals tomake up sicknesses so that everyone can make some money.  I mean think about it… people that have been normal forever all of a sudden are diagnosed with “Bipolar” sickness.  Maybe the doctors need to be checked out.  I am growing tired of doctors that make things be the way that they want, and do things to line their pockets.  Incredibly enough they have medicine for people with “Bipolar” sickness.  I don’t remember ever hearing of “Bipolar” back in the 80’s.

What do you think?

Technology On TV Shows

I have been watching CSI: New York, CSI: Las Vegas, NCIS, and NCIS: Los Angeles for their entire duration ontv.  Each week I seem to see more, and more new gadgets that I am not even sure actually exist.  On NCIS they have a computer screen that they just move their hands over to manipulate data.  On both CSI shows they have a table that they just place a computerized item onto, and it pulls the data for manipulation.  I know that the ultraviolet lights for finding blood actually exist.  I wonder if a blue acne light works the same.

Do these gadgets, and items actually exist, or are some of them fake for tv?