Monthly Archives: February 2010

Work Made Me Tired

I have forgotten how much work it is to actually work.  Today I had to go do a CCTV job, and had to do some lifting, climbing, and “Real” work.  Most of the work I do is on computers, and doesn’t take much energy to do.  By the time the job was over I was ready to drop.  I am now understanding why my wife wants me to do something about losing a little bit of weight.  I am not overweight, but I could lose a few pounds.  Maybe if I could find the best weight loss supplement out on the market I could lose the weight.

Currently with the economic situation I have left my job at Sony, and gone back to running my own company.  On top of that I help the wife with our daughter, and we both blog.  Finding people to actually work has been a challenge for me for many years, so I do most of the work on my own.  When I need to, and it isn’t a real bad job I will ask my wife to go on a job so that she can earn some money, and at the same time I don’t have to pay for outside help.

Our Cat Has Some Medical Issues

We have had 2 of our cats for quite a few years.  They are twins.  Back about 2 years ago we discovered that one of the cats has something wrong with it.  The doctor wasn’t sure if it was a hereditary thing, or not, and wanted to run quite a few tests to see if he could come up with some solutions.  The cat breaks out real bad at different times of the year, and throws up randomly at least once a day.  This all bothers me, but I can’t afford to pay a serious amount of money right now to have the cat checked out.  The doctor says that she doesn’t seem to be in any pain, so we aren’t being cruel.  I would have thought eczema, or something like that, but that doesn’t explain the throwing up.

I really wish it was like a store… defective merchandise… exchange… I am only joking!  We love the cat dearly, and I wouldn’t want anything to happen to her.  My daughter would also be devastated if anything happened.  Has anyone had anything like this happen to their cat, and what was suggested?

Trying To Start Educating My Little One

The wife, and I have decided that we are going to have to discuss the “Facts of Life” with our little one soon.  Not that I think she really needs it yet, but she is 10, and children these days do dumb things, and we want to prevent her from doing these dumb things.

Together we are trying to come up with a game plan on how we are going to explain everything without going to far into detail.  We really want to convey about the diseases that can be gotten.  Once she hears about AIDS, herpes, herpes simplex, syphilis, gonorrhea, and any others I think she will understand what she could be up against.

I don’t know if the “Birds & the Bees” is supposed to be scary, or not, but when I get done I hope that she learns a bit, and it helps her make wise decisions.  On top of that I will be very strict about the boys she wants to date, and the boys she wants to hang out with.

I want my little girl to grow up with the right morals, and values, and I don’t want anyone messing up that for her.  By the way… When do you think this conversation should be had?