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Last One Out of NJ…Turn Out the Lights

I have noticed an increase in people wanting to get out of NJ.  I can’t imagine if that is because of the lovely job that our Governor is doing, or if the people think that the economy is better elsewhere.  The house I am in was worth far more 2 years ago than it is now.  Pretty ugly market we have going.

A few years ago everyone was looking into the Carolinas housing market.  Wilmington NC real estate, Charlotte SC, and other areas in the Carolinas.  I don’t blame people for wanting to move, but from everything that I have read about the economy… It is hurting everyone… everywhere.

I was looking at offers in the Florida area, and I could go there and get a house for 1/2 of what I own my house here for.  The most ironic thing about that is that the houses were 2 times the size of my current housing.  There are no jobs that are worth it in Florida for me, so we totally trashed the idea.

I would leave NJ in a heartbeat if I could get a job paying what I earn currently.  NJ has gotten so expensive to live in.

Would the last person out turn off the lights?

How is the economy hurting you, your family, and your housing?  Would you move if you could?

3 Months FREE Blog Hosting Contest

How many of you either have a blog that is a sub-domain of another blog, or are thinking of starting a blog?

This contest is for someone that wants to get a blog running, but doesn’t want to spend any money initially.  If you aren’t going to use it after the 3 months, then you are just taking the opportunity from someone that will.

If you are the winner I will personally help you get moving forward with making money, meeting people, and having fun.  I am not a PRO, but then again… NOONE is.

Right now I am running a contest the will give the winner a sub-domained blog on a Money Making eligible domain FREE for 3 months.  All you need is some office furniture to sit at when you blog.  Nothing else is necessary to start making some money.

(Some sub-domain blogs are not eligible to participate in some of the blogging for money systems.)

What you will get…

  1. A blog that will have a sub-domain url. (example: ABC.SomeDomain.Com)
  2. Full access from a large selection of plug-ins, & themes.
  3. 3 months FREE… After the 3 months a discounted cost of $5 per month. (If you want to put your own domain name on it, then all you need to add is $1 per month.)
  4. 1 FREE email account that is accessible by web, or pop3.
  5. FREE ad on my sites for 3 months.
  6. FREE e-mail support.
  7. Backlinks to & from your sites.


  1. No pornography sites will be allowed. (Mild subjects must be approved.)
  2. No terroristic types of sites will be allowed.
  3. No hacking/illegal sites will be allowed.
  4. Any violation of the above terms will result in IMMEDIATE shutdown.
  5. A full disclosure MUST be filled out upon winning.
  6. You may cancel after 3 months.
  7. 20mb storage capacity.  Additional available.
  8. All videos must be run from an outside source (ex: YouTube, etc…)

We offer WordPress blogs, and no others.

All you need to do to be eligible is…

Each entry must be accompanied by an individual comment here telling me what you did.

  1. Comment here about your blogging experience, or what you hope to gain from this if you win.
  2. For 1 extra entry Comment at least 1 time on www.MomsBlogs4U.Com, or www.DisneyContestBlog.Com, or www.GameBlogs4U.Com. (3 if you comment to all 3)
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Entries into other contests do not count in any entries.
Buttons, and other entries must stay active for entire contest to be counted.

This contest will run from 6/28/09 – 7/26/09.

Wordless Wednesday 8


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