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Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Electronic Arts is releasing a sequel in the Bad Company series.  While not many pieces of information have been released anywhere, I would get the feeling that a lot of the previously “squashed” issues are going to be implemented.

Clan Support, Mic Issues, Private Game Rooms, just to name a few of those issues.

Here is the only image that I can find for the game.


The original Bad Company added the element of an almost fully destructable environment.  A level of reality was also something that could be found in this game, in comparison to other FPS (First Player Shooter) games that take place in the future, or have weapons that are so unheard of.

See you on the Battlefield… Well, it is being shipped on 12/31/09 according to their Pre-sales information.

Disney Cruise – 2 NEW Ships


While this may be old news to some of you, some thime ago Disney had announced that they were going to add 2 new ships to their fleet. The shipbuilder Meyer Werft has already received letters of intent from Disney. From what I have read the new ships will be able to carry 4,000 passengers unlike the current ship capacity of 2,400 passengers.

Disney must think that cruising is going to be big in the future, as these ships are slated to be delivered in 2011, and 2012.  The ships are rumored to be getting 1,250 rooms which the current ships only have 877.  The ships are going to remain having the Disney touches… color, style, etc.

Adding that many more people will only make things more difficult for Disney I would think.  Disney is going to have to enlarge quite a bit of things.  I am curious where all these additional people will fit on Castaway Cay.  On the other hand, Disney does have quite a bit of property there, and maybe they will add more areas there to accomodate them.

The one thing that I think Disney should consider is where they port.  If they moved at least one ship towards the North, then they would probably gain a little momentum.  Not everyone can afford airfare, or the drive, so they just don’t go.  Having one in either Philadelphia, Newark, or New York might change things a bit.

Click HERE for a view of the Meyer Werft shipyard cam.  You can see cruise ships being built.

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Disney & Star Wars… What a Match.

I have never had the opportunity to get to Disney during the well known “Star Wars Weekends.”  I have been trying to get there for a long time, but the money situation isn’t helping.  I am going to at least try to start collecting the Disney figurines that are released.

Here are some photos from StarWars.Com.