Monthly Archives: December 2008

Coronado Springs Pepper Market

I haven’t been there for a little while, but I wanted to give everyone information on a little known location for eating.  At Coronado Springs there is a restaurant called the Pepper Market.  At the Pepper Market there are “Stations” where you can choose from a variety of foods.

There is a Childrens Station, a Bakery Station, A Deli Station, a Grilled Station, a Mexican Station, a Asian Station, and a Beverage Station.  The cost of the food is very comparitive to other high end Disney locations.  The prices for each different item is displayed at the stations.  You will not receive a bill at your table, so make sure you keep track of your prices.

You tend to your food at the stations, and a waiter / waitress will tend to your drinks, and standard table needs.  At the end of the meal a gratuity is automatically added to your bill upon checkout.

For those on Dining Plans, the Pepper Market is considered a Counter Service.

New Years

I wanted to take this time to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

I hope to see everyone next year, and… well, the rest of this year.

DVC Point Purchase


If you are planning on purchasing additional interest in a Disney Vacation Club timeshare, then make sure you take advantage of the current pricing.

I purchased quite a few years ago, and the points were on @ $87 a point.  With the changes in the amount of years, and the perks you receive for purchasing, now is the best time.

Currently if you purchase an addon, the points are $104 per point.  If you wait until January 15, 2009, then the points go up to $114 per point.