Monthly Archives: November 2008


For the past many years my sister has had Thanksgiving dinner at her house.  Usually it is a disaster consisting of arguments, and aggravation.  Surprisingly enough there were none to my knowledge.

You can check out her blog at:

My family was almost an hour late… (Nothing out of the normal when you have a wife that always finds shopping to do somewhere.)  I was happy to see my family actually get along for once.  As my sister so bluntly puts it in her blog… My dad does handle a turkey right. While we are on the topic of birds… My wife left the cage unlatched to our cockatoo, Molly. She roamed for the most part of 5 hours. She was unhurt, but seemed clueless as to where we were initially. More on our cockatoo another time.

WordPress Installation

I have to admit… After 2 days of trying to get WordPress to work, I had almost given up.

I have a Server 2003 system, and not researching into the installation is my downfall.

I found at the last minute another piece of software that helped create, and modify the database that needed to be created.  Now I have successfully configured, and hosted my own blog.

I am not sure if I have too many plugins on the site, but I will have my sister look it over, and give me her input about it.

Here is a hint… I found this site…

Hello, and Welcome World…

I just wanted to say that this will be the new home for my blog.  Please continue to stop by, and check it out.