1st Night Back At the Anchor Motel

Last night I was called in for security work. It was a bit early in the season, as most kids don’t come down until around Memorial Day. Usually my nights at the Anchor Motel are rather dull in comparison to working other hotels that I work.  This definitelly wouldn’t be like a Disney hotel.

I would have said that it couldn’t be any worse than when Cranford is at a hotel, but I would be wrong on this occassion.  At 2:30am when I left the kids were still up, and trying to party.

When they finally have their first real life experience with being an adult I think that they will all fail horribly.

Lyndhurst High was in the house.  If I had my way they would have been out of the house.  Some of the things that I saw last night were pure childish, and some were pure stupidity.

Parents really must not give 2 drops about what their children do, or how they act.

One girl beat the heck out of one boy because he had done “something” to her friend.  She must have gone back to try to confront the kid 3-4 times because I had to keep telling her to let it go, and figure it out in the morning.  When I asked the girl that this apparently happened to what happened she responded “nothing at all.””  My last solution was that if they kept saying that “something” had happened then we would all take a walk to the police HQ, and let them sort out the problem.  Basically this girl needs a reality check, and she needs to tone down her style.  Boys will never go out with a bully.

Another kid got so drunk while he was out with his friends that he threw up from the second story balcony.  Later after I escorted him to his room I found him outside throwing up again.  I talked to his roomies, and they all had the same issue.  He had been throwing up in the room, and wouldn’t go to pray to the porcelin god.

The funniest thing that went on was a girl screaming, and yelling, and threatening to kick everyones butt because her “flip-flops” were taken.

How petty can people get?

Another girl walked around all night with her jeans unbuttoned, and her undergarments showing.  While I am sure the boys loved this I found it to be very unladylike.  Leopard print isn’t in this season young lady.

I think the most common thing I saw was a girl getting pissed off because her boyfriend had done something with the girls lifelong friend.  She asked me if that was cheating, and I couldn’t even answer the question because the boy obviously didn’t think it was.

I am ever so thankful that I shouldn’t be working again until Memorial Day Weekend.  I honestly think that this year will be my last year doing this.  The children are children, and some of the adults I see are children also.

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One Response to 1st Night Back At the Anchor Motel

  1. Just think about what will happen when these children have children. If they are as good at parenting as their own parents were judging by behavior, WOW!